Monday, September 29, 2008

Petition request

Last month, I wrote about the heartbreaking story of a mother who lost her sixth child at a homebirth. She wrote:
... You know when people would tell me that babies used to die because they were born at home, I had my "research and statistics" to back me up and prove they were wrong. Wanna know one thing I have learned now??? We don't hear about deaths after homebirths because of the stigma. Your baby dies in the hospital and people feel sorry for you. Your baby dies after a homebirth and people automatically blame you, even if it wasn't your fault...
. Now she and her husband have created a petition to demand stricter standards for DEMs in Ohio. She asked if I would post a link to the petition on Homebirth Debate and I am pleased to be able to help: Practicing Midwives should be Licensed and carry Insurance.

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