Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Uterine rupture on MDC

Someone should charge these women with criminal stupidity. The folks on MDC were heedlessly encouraging a mother in her pursuit of a VBA4C. Yes, you read that correctly, a VBAC after FOUR previous C-sections. Her "plan" was to labor at a hotel near the hospital and present at the hospital when she was ready to push. Instead she ruptured her uterus (she felt it). At the time of the emergency C-section, the baby was unexpectedly found to be breech. Fortunately, neither she nor the baby was harmed, but that was just a matter of luck. This mother took a completely irresponsible risk, but at least she did not pay the ultimate price.

Despite all this, she still doesn't get it. She is bemoaning her loss of confidence. Loss of confidence in what? Was she supposed to have confidence in her scar integrity? Was confidence supposed to make a difference?
I so wanted to, I did everything I thought of. I didn't include my ob in my plans because I didn't want them to drop my care- looking back, I might include them in my plans at the last minute. I decided I was not going to change the system so I would go ahead and do what I need to for me and fill them in when they need to know. It caused quite the panic in the OR and I regret that I put them through that. They are after all human and mean well. Also, I would have gotten a last minute u/s to verify baby position. Hindsight...
The folks at MDC really need to reexamine what they are doing to women. Why are they encouraging them to risk their lives? Why are they encouraging them to risk their babies lives? Why are they encouraging women to judge themselves by whether a baby passed through their vagina? Why are they undermining their self confidence and self image by perpetuating unrealistic "ideals" of birth? Who is being served by this irresponsible behavior? How many disasters and deaths will it take before they come to their senses?

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