Saturday, August 09, 2008

Heartbreaking story

I have been following a new blog since it was started several weeks ago. The blog is called One More Day and it is beautifully and powerfully written. I have received permission from the mother who writes the blog to link to it and to quote some of her writing about the loss of her daughter after homebirth. I'm sure that everyone understands that if they have comments that are anything less than totally supportive, they should make the comments here and not on her blog.

From her first introductory post:
I am a mother to 5 wonderful children here on earth. My youngest child passed away after her birth... My children mean everything to me and losing one has been devastating... I was a totally crunchy mom but am now questioning all of that. I have had two homebirths. One turned out awesome and the other, turned out horrible. I feel that if I had just trusted the actual professionals, my baby would be here. Now, since I feel homebirth was wrong, I question my not vaxing philosophies. I am seriously thinking about catching my last three children up. I hate second guessing myself.
In her current post, A note about homebirth she recalls:
... You know when people would tell me that babies used to die because they were born at home, I had my "research and statistics" to back me up and prove they were wrong. Wanna know one thing I have learned now??? We don't hear about deaths after homebirths because of the stigma. Your baby dies in the hospital and people feel sorry for you. Your baby dies after a homebirth and people automatically blame you, even if it wasn't your fault...
She writes about how women are lulled by being low risk:
We talk about how if your low risk home is much safer. I have NEVER been high risk before yet home was the worst place my daughter could of been after her birth. Please, please think about how you promote homebirth as being so safe and wonderful. My daughter is dead because of homebirth. You don't want to be a number or a statistic.
She offers words that should be read by anyone contemplating a homebirth or promoting the safety of homebirth:
My 4 hospital babies are here and healthy. Out of my two homebirth babies one is here and healthy while the other is in a cemetery. She is proof that homebirth isn't as safe as we all think.


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