Thursday, August 07, 2008

Johnson and Daviss are still trying to salvage their study

Johnson and Daviss are still trying desperately to salvage their BMJ 2005 study, now that it has been exposed that the study actually shows homebirth with a CPM in 2000 had almost triple the neonatal death rate of hospital birth.

The paper itself relied on a scam, and the excuses are meant to obscure, minimize the scam, or to pretend that it didn't matter anyway. Now the excuses have been published as a PDF designed to look like a scientific paper.

Johnson and Daviss are offering it as a free download on their website Understanding Birth Better. Through the miracle of modern technology, PDF documents can be marked up with comments. I have taken the liberty of commenting directly on the document to point out the various inaccuracies. You can access the document with comments here.


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