Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stuntbirth: "I'm such a UCer ..."

You just can't make this stuff up.

One of the commenters has coined a new expression for UC (unassisted childbirth). She called it "stuntbirth", and I find that designation quite apt.

I've made no secret of my conviction that UC is an irresponsible stunt, undertaken for no better reason that bragging rights. Indeed, as a cultural construct, UC shares many similarities with "extreme" sports. Advocates emphasize the fact that it is transgressive, is "authentic", values process over outcome, creates a sense of belonging, and produces feelings of empowerment.

Several people argued that UC is not about bragging rights. Never fear; we can always depend on homebirth advocates to come to my rescue. They are busily bragging on MDC right now, and their boasts are as inane as I could possibly need to bolster my claim.

Consider these comments (decorated with bouncing smilies, of course) on a thread counseling a woman that there will almost never be a reason for her to abandon UC and seek medical care:
I'm such a uc'er.. I didn't go to the docs for a pp hemorhage
I'm such a uc'er.. I didn't hear the heartbeat until I was 37 weeks
I'm such a uc'er.. I sung l.o.u.d songs whist having waves
I'm such a uc'er.. I (keep it going mamas..)

I'm such a ucer...I check my own cervix.
I'm such a ucer...I had to guess at my due date.

I'm such a UCer that I managed/healed a postpartum intrauterine infection on my own, with herbs and supplements...never really occurred to me to call a doc or go to ER.
Evidently, when the goal is bragging rights for a "stuntbirth," the more irresponsible the stunt, the more you can brag about it.

None of these "mamas" has the winning boast in the bragging contest. That dubious distinction would go to the woman who would be able to boast, after her experience described recently on MDC:
I'm such a ucer ... my baby died during labor and I didn't know it and proceeded to deliver a dead baby in front of my young children.

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