Thursday, July 24, 2008

Latest on MDC: massive maternal hemorrhage

Be sure to check out the latest UC story on MDC. A grand multip had a UC for her 7th baby. She had a massive postpartum hemorrhage (she can't figure out why; she did everything she was supposed to and it made no difference). None of her herbal "remedies" had any effect as she began to pour her entire blood volume on the floor. The ambulance got there very quickly and transported her immediately. Her blood pressure during transport was 50/30 and she went into shock. At the hospital, she received 4 units of blood and barely survived. She could not manage to sit up or roll over without dizziness for days.

It is mind boggling. This woman very mearly left 7 children motherless all so she could have her birth "experience". She was saved by paramedics, doctors, blood transfusions and luck. Had she lived farther from the hospital, she would have bled to death.

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