Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't listen to her because ... um, because, ... um, just because

From an ongoing discussion on a pregnancy board that linked to this blog:
I know this is idiotic and horrible, but I read enough of "Dr Amy's" blog to really shake me. I am what, 6 weeks and change out from my edd? ...

Anyway I have been really on edge and ... much as I hate to admit it, on the verge of tears, ever since reading her stuff.

... [S]he is making some pretty huge claims about all of "our" research being flawed.

... [W]hen someone starts waving things like "dead baby" and "brain damage" and "incompetent, untrained BAs" in my face, I just sort of quiver and pray that everything turns out okay.
The response was predictable. First the classic claim used by homebirth advocates to dupe women who don't realize what the statistics mean.
I'm not sure how she can claim the "research is flawed." The US has one of the highest infant mortality rates ...and countries where midwife care is the norm have some of the lowest infant mortality rates.
(As we have discussed many times, infant mortality is the wrong statistic because it includes deaths up to one year of age. Perinatal mortality is the correct statistic and the US rate is one of the lowest in the world, lower than that of Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands.)
Then the usual magical thinking: if we all just pretend very, very hard, our wishes will come true:
Please remember that your OWN research, your own intuition, your own decisions are valid.
(Oh, sure, all you have to do is think it, feel it or believe it, and like magic, it's true.)
And a perennial favorite of mine:
I strongly advise avoiding "Dr" Amy's blog.
(What's the "Dr" supposed to mean? Is she suggesting that I'm not really a doctor? Hmmm, that's kind of suprising since I say the same thing that all the other doctors say. So no one should believe me because I am pretending to be a doctor by telling people what a real doctor would say?)
Evidently you're not supposed to believe me because ... well, because homebirth advocates say so.

Anyone who is open to learning the truth about homebirth will recognize that these "reasons" are no reason at all. The data is here on this blog. The papers are listed, reviewed and analyzed. The information is available for anyone to see. I strongly believe that any woman is capable of reading the information and making a decision for herself. She does not need to be told what to think by other homebirth advocates. She does not need to be advised to avoid information that doesn't tell her what they want her to hear. She should be trusted to read ALL the information and make her own decisions.

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