Sunday, December 09, 2007

Before ...

The following is taken from a public web site. I have tried to obscure identifying details.
To my family and friends,

You are worried that I choose not to use the hospital; you are worried that I cannot birth the baby at home, in; you are worried things will go wrong with me or my body or that my body, swollen and ripe, does not know what to do when the baby is ready ... you sadden me.

Why? You don't rejoice with me that Life is wonderful. You don't trust me. You don't trust that I can listen to my body and and that it will do its sacred work.

You have forgotten the mothers that came before us. You don't feel the warm, womanly hands supporting the birthing women of past, holding quivering thighs, soothing aching backs and holding triumphantly the Life that passes through the birth canal. You do not hear them weep in joy and laugh under the moon at the arrival of yet another new life in this world. You do not hear them cry their hearts out, beating their chests in sorrow when a life chooses to pass by but quickly in the dust.

You have grown to love the artificial light, and controlled air temperatures and abandoned your right to let your body do what it knows best to do. You shrink away from pain. I do not seek pain, but pain is a part of Life.With pain, I know my body is working, it is talking to me.

When you doubt me, you doubt birth, and therefore life. Life trusts you to trust yourself. Life trusts you; you can perform the dance of birth, in frenzy, in passion, in joy, and pain, to bring forth a tender beginning.

I know you are concerned out of goodness. You make different choices and I do not judge you. You just want things to be smooth, and good, and easy for me, but what is smooth, good, and easy? I have my journey to walk, and my baby accompanies me. We are bound together to fulfill this destiny. Don't worry. Be still and listen listen to the songs of life as I walk this path to my birth, our birth.
A full term baby died in utero due to placental insufficiency accompanied by oligohydramnios.


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