Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What is wrong with these people?

Today on MDC a mother posted that she is so proud of herself and her baby for her HBA2C.

Too bad the baby was unexpectedly born dead.

What is wrong with these people? Her own baby is dead and her first thought is for her birth "performance". Perhaps it had not yet crossed her mind that if she had a scheduled C-section her baby would be alive. I cannot imagine any other reason for being "proud" of herself for a decision that killed her baby.

Her reaction is a powerful indictment of the homebirth movement and its grotesque cultural construct that literally places more importance on transit of the baby through the vagina than on the baby's life.

Is vaginal delivery so important that it's worth killing your baby in the process?

Addendum: Yet another homebirth death was just posted on MDC this evening. Fetal distress was noted at home. By the time they drove to the hospital, the baby was dead.


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