Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Science demands that critics be answered with scientific evidence and well reasoned arguments. Ideology demands that critics be silenced. Homebirth advocates are nothing if not ideologues. Henci Goer cannot rebut my criticisms, so she must delete them.

Here's her latest response:
The last time you posted to this Forum, I set ground rules for you: you would have your opportunity to state your case and make one rebuttal to my response, and then we were done. I'm going to reinvoke that rule and delete all of your posts that appear after this one.
I'm not aware of any SCIENTIFIC forum that allows one rebuttal and then deletes criticism. However, Goer apparently feels she has no choice since she cannot rebut criticism. She posted the following, under the assumption that I cannot respond, but just because I cannot respond on her message board does not mean that I am silenced.

Goer says:
1. You have provided no source for the allegation that the CDC reports a higher perinatal death rate at home births. I have tried various search combinations, but I am unable to find your source. If you write back with the source so I can review it, I will not delete your post, and I will respond to it.
LOLOL. I already provided the source, and the link, to the CDC Wonder statistics for Linked Birth/Infant Death datasets. That's what Goer deleted! Now she can leave the impression that I didn't provide the source even though she knows that's a lie.

She continues:
2. You have supplied no information about the training of DEMs or how it compares unfavorably with the training of other midwives ...
My claim, the American DEMs have less education and training than ANY midwives in the industrialized world is true, and Goer knows it.
3. I will not rehash the argument over the Johnson and Daviss study. My response is elsewhere on this Forum.
She gives up. How could she do otherwise? Johnson and Daviss have already admitted that they used the wrong group for comparison.

It goes on in the same vein. I will not bore you with the rest. Henci Goer's response is pathetic, but it is the only response available for someone who is incapable of debating medical or scientific professionals.

Even more pathetic: Not content with the inanities that she has already posted, Goer decided to add an additional flourish.
I hit the CDC's most recent report on perinatal mortality in 2003. If you know Tuteur, you will not be surprised to hear that it says nothing about care providers.
Has she no shame?

She already deleted the link to the data, so that she could pretend it was never posted. Now she arbitrarily picks an unrelated paper and claims the data is not in there. No surprise since it is a paper about something else entirely.

This episode demonstrates one thing definitively. Henci Goer ignores and eliminates data that does not support her claims. She can't address it, she can't rebut it, so she justs omits it.


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