Friday, June 27, 2008

Lies my homebirth midwife told me

Why lie? Because a lie is so much better than the truth. Because the truth would require discussion of real risks. Because homebirth advocates don't actually know the truth.

Lie #1 Homebirth is as safe as hospital birth.

Lie #2 There are reams of studies that show homebirth is safe.

Lie #3 The Johnson and Daviss BMJ 2005 study shows homebirth is safe.

Lie #4 The US scores poorly on measures of obstetric care.

Lie #5 Countries that have more homebirths have better measure of obstetric care.

Lie #6 Trust birth and everything will be fin.

Lie #7 If birth weren't safe, we wouldn't be here.

Lie #8 American DEMs have the same education and training as European midwives.

Lie #9 DEMs are "experts" in normal birth.

Lie #10 Obstetricians have never seen an unmedicated birth.

Lie #11 The "risks" of epidural are greater than the risk of homebirth.

Lie #12 Unmedicated birth is healthier.

Lie #13 Babies are safe with home "germs" and at risk with hospital "germs".

Lie #14 Pregnancy complications can be prevented or treated with nutrition.

Lie #15 Herbs are effective at preventing or treating pregnancy complications.

Lie #16 Birth "affirmations" can prevent or treat pregnancy complications.

Lie #17 Carrying resuscitation equipment means midwives can perform resuscitations.

... I could go on and on, but I will just skip to the newest lie that homebirth advocates are spouting.

Lie #1573 The AMA is attempting to make homebirth illegal.

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