Monday, July 07, 2008

Henci Goer's theory of information access

Over the last several days, Henci Goer has deleted multiple posts of mine that offered detailed analysis of current homebirth controversies and links so people could read them for themselves. Now she posts this gem:
...In light of what has gone on with this thread, I will add a new rule: You will respect my authority as moderator to declare a moratorium on a topic. I posted that there had been enough information and resource links on the issue of the MANA 2000 home birth neonatal mortality statistics for people to make their own evaluations...
Here is my response (soon to be deleted there, but still available here):
You're joking, right?

YOU decided that there is "enough" information and resource links. What do you think is going to happen if there are more? Do you expect people to fall down dead from information overload?

There is absolutely no legitimate reason to limit the presentation of relevant information. The ONLY reason to limit the presentation of relevant information is to prevent people from finding out the truth.

I have no need to continue this discussion. I think I have made my point and hammered it home repeatedly. I only dropped in because you wrote about me personally and you lied. I honestly cannot believe that you were so careless. It is so easy to find out the truth about me and my credentials, but you never even bothered. Your contempt for the truth about something so obvious and easily checked should be a warning to others about your contempt for the truth about obstetrics.


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