Friday, January 25, 2008

Respecting the nature of birth

Kneelingwoman has written an amazing post on the nature of birth, Into the Wild...:

... We live in a country where we are safe, well fed, clothed, educated and have every possible option available to us. We don't believe that anything can really hurt us because most of us have never had to face "nature" raw and threatening to overpower us. We think our technologies and education protect us; but they don't. Not from nature; not from birth. We have to approach birth; especially birth at home, as though we are headed out into the Alaskan wilderness... If I want to go out into the bush, I'll probably seek out the advice of a seasoned wilderness survival expert; someone who has been there and faced some of the potential perils. I'm going to take notes and I'm going to believe him when he tells me that there are Grizzly's out there and there are things you don't do around Grizzly's. I'm not going to tell him that I'm sure he's seen a Grizzly but he's never seen MY Grizzly.....
Be sure to read the whole post. It's terrific.


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