Thursday, January 17, 2008

You just can't make this stuff up

Sagefemme approving quotes Sarah Buckley, a general practitioner who promotes homebirth:
Technological obstetrics makes the assumption that more knowledge is better, but, like Eve's apple, the knowledge that we gain through prenatal diagnosis can cast us from our pregnant paradise, with major and long-lasting sequellae for mother, baby and family.
I think that most obstetricians would PROUDLY acknowledge that we believe that more knowledge is better. It certainly has proved to be better thusfar. Only the knowledge base of modern obstetrics allows for low rates of neonatal and maternal mortality. We have every reason to believe that more knowledge will improve childbirth outcomes even further.

What does Dr. Buckley mean by her statement? Does she believe that the following should be the motto of homebirth midwifery:
Homebirth midwifery makes the assumption that more ignorance is better, because, like Eve's apple, knowledge can cast us from our pregnant paradise where "trusting" birth and wishful thinking can make it so.
This is classic homebirth advocacy gobbledy-gook. If you really think about what it means, it makes homebirth advocates look very foolish indeed.

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