Saturday, September 09, 2006

A colleague of Johnson & Davis has been defending their study on this board

I have written repeatedly about the serious flaws in the Johnson & Davis 2005 study of homebirth. In addition to the serious methodological flaws (two different control groups, both of them in inappropriate), I recently learned that Johnson & Davis were never the unbiased researchers that they represented themselves to be. Both are long time homebirth advocates and closely associated with professional homebirth organizations.

Johnson and Daviss were invited to be a part of this discussion by a participant. They declined as I predicted that they would. Why would they willingly acknowledge a conflict of interest in a public forum? Furthermore, they have never been publicly questioned by another physician (to my knowledge) and evidently weren't about to start now.

What I didn't know until yesterday is that a professional colleague has been posting in their defense without revealing her identity. Wendy CPM has been on the Board of Research of MANA with Ken Johnson, and may have actually been involved in the study itself. She appeared on this board only after the invitation to participate was extended to Johnson and Daviss.

I will take this opportunity to extend a public invitation to Johnson and Daviss to address the methodological and ethical issues that I have raised. Surely they could do a better job.


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