Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No, you did not do everything you could to keep him safe

Yet another needless, senseless tragedy in the parade of needless, senseless tragedies that is unassisted childbirth.

Posted on the MDC UC board on 10/13/08:

Anyhow, thought I'd share the interesting events of today and see what you ladies think. I personally don't know WHAT to think.

So, we plan to uc again after our last success. I chose to seek traditional prenatal care due to having chronic hypertension for which I need low dose meds. I never told doc that, he only knows that I have homebirthed in the past. Everything has been pretty low key for the most part considering my " high risk" status - according to their standards. Until 37 weeks that is. At that point an air of unease started to set in for no reason with the ob, his mw and staff. It was as though they became determined to find a problem even mentioning pulling the plug so to speak on a few occasions... Indicating there would come a reason to induce. I was asked to come in for repeated u/s and then they wanted me to have a level 2 on one day as well as a hospital nst and then come directly to the office for yet another nst so they could compare info... You can imagine I was slightly stressed before I left when he asked me what I would do for child care had he needed to induce me that day. Uh, walked out?

... I decided the best thing to do for my peace was to not go back for now. I have all the tools I need at home to manage myself and would never hesitate to get help should I need it. Well they literally called every day since and today-2 weeks later a visiting nurse showed up on my door step!

It ended up a very good experience but I'm still very wierded out and not sure what to think…
She received 11 responses expressing outrage and declaring that the doctor was out of line, including this one on 10/17, ending:
I am sure everything is fine, and that we will be reading an awesome story about you and your babe very soon.
Posted on the MDC UC board this morning:
Our baby ... was born still on oct 19th at 5:48 am. He was 7 lbs 10 oz. 19 1/2 in and as beautiful as an angel. We had him at the hospital as I didn't feel him and couldn't find his heartbeat that day. The cause is a mystery ... He was perfect. I am completely devistated and in shock. I just can't understand how or why after all that I did to keep myself and him safe... How could he just stop for no reason? My precious baby is gone.


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