Thursday, May 08, 2008

Trust birth, fear women

Here's a powerful endorsement of Homebirth Debate and the information it offers:

Over on the People's Republic of MDC the woman requesting "anti-homebirth" information in order to make an informed decision was referred to this site. Not only was the link removed, but the existence and name of the site was also deleted. According to the moderator Arwyn:
I have removed a couple links and references to a blog that is antithetical to MDC's purpose
At least they are honest. MDC's "purpose" is to promote homebirth regardless of the facts and that, of course, involves making sure that women read only preapproved information. After all, women can't be trusted to become "educated" and make their own decisions. What if they learn something that does not support homebirth? What if they tell other women that there is literally not a single study that shows homebirth to be as safe as hospital birth? Sure, birth can be trusted, but women who think for themselves ... not so much.

Arwyn, why you are you and MDC so afraid of the truth that you must erase all evidence of its existence?

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