Wednesday, May 07, 2008

They need help over on MDC

In a thread on the homebirth board on MDC, someone asked for references that might show that homebirth is not safe. The woman who asked is pro-homebirth, but she wants to familiarize herself with the arguments of the other side so she can knowledgeably address her husband's concerns. Bravo for her.

Here's the problem: All the self proclaimed "educated" persons on MDC cannot think of even a single paper that does not support the safety of homebirth. That's really quite extraordinary since the reality is that there is not a single paper that does support the safety of homebirth. All the existing scientific evidence shows that homebirth is not as safe as hospital birth, but NONE OF THEM KNOW THAT. Even nashville midwife, who has posted here, and ought to be aware of the scientific evidence, since she passes herself off as a "professional" is completely in the dark. Someone needs to help these people out.

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