Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

Over on MDC, the UCers are congratulating themselves for a low death rate. An informal calculation done by one of the members showed a death rate of 0.72% and they are all very proud of themselves. Someone needs to point out to them that 0.72% is the same as 7.2/1000. Since the neonatal death rate for low risk women in the hospital is 0.9/1000, that means that they are congratulating themselves for a death rate that is 700% HIGHER than the hospital death rate!!!

In other words, the chance of a baby dying at UC is 8 times higher than the chance of a baby dying in the hospital. That's not a reason to be proud. It is a reason to be appalled, but, of course, they don't know that. That's because they, like most homebirth advocates, don't know the most basic facts about childbirth.

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