Sunday, February 17, 2008

Go after Dr. Amy

Desperate and dumb is a bad combination. Check out for an illustration.

Some homebirth advocates are getting desperate. They cannot rebut my claims that homebirth is not as safe as hospital birth, so they are trying to silence me. First they started with the campaign to vote Homebirth Debate the "worst blog".
Vote for Dr. Amy for worst blog of all time!

If you haven't seen Dr. Amy's homebirth "debate" blog you are in for a real eye opener. You can vote for it as the "Worst Blog of All Time" at the 2008 Blogger's Choice Awards...

Emily Fontes CD(DONA), ICCE(IAT)
Of course, they don't seem to understand that stunts like this just publicize the blog to a much wider audience. Traffic has almost doubled in reponse.

Or how about this gem:
Hey, y'all,

Go after Dr. Amy. I just got off the phone with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. Her license expired in 2003, and I filed a complaint concerning her activity dispensing medical advice on her website via email for a fee, holding herself out to be a doctor without currently being licensed and being listed as a consulting physician on the website which gives advice to teens and parents.

I specifically asked if more complaints would be better, and, while she seemed intent on making sure that I knew my single complaint would be investigated, she also agreed that more complaints would signal a greater degree of concern.

So forward this all across this great nation to midwife advocates everywhere. Too bad her license wasn't revoked, but we can't have everything. Who knows, maybe the great state of Massachusetts will frown on Ask Dr. Amy and revoke it or put a strike against her that can then be used as an additional weapon.

Please don't use my name when you forward this to the national groups. I've already called her out about her license using my full name, and she knows where I live... I may have caught the tiger by (it ends there)

Jennifer A. McFarland CD(CBI), CIBI, CHBE, MA

Wife to my soulmate Robert, Midwifing Mom to my five blessings!
Of course this raises the interesting question: If I don't have a medical license, what, exactly is the Board of Registration supposed to do to me?

On a more serious note, it's hard to imagine a more impressive demonstration of fear of the truth. Evidently, if you cannot rebut the truth about homebirth, the next step is to try to silence and punish people who speak the truth.

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