Thursday, July 19, 2007

No research

One of the most distressing aspects of homebirth midwifery is that there is virtually no research. Direct entry midwives don't bother to investigate the safety of homebirth. They prescribe herbs for which there is no evidence, and they recommend procedures, like waterbirth, that are unnatural and unsafe.

There has not been a single major study of homebirth in 2 years, despite the fact that the existing research shows that homebirth has a higher rate of preventable neonatal mortality than hospital birth. MANA (the Midwives Alliance of North America) collects statistics on homebirth outcomes but will not release them to the public. I suspect that is because those statistics show unequivocally that homebirth has a higher neonatal death rate.

There has been no recent research on waterbirth despite existing evidence that shows it to be harmful to babies.

There is not a single herb that is recommended by direct entry midwives that has been studies for efficacy and safety.

The bottom line is that direct entry midwifery is just a giant experiment being performed on women and babies. What's even worse is that the data generated by this giant experiments are being kept secret. Direct entry midwifery is about opinions and beliefs, not about science.

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