Friday, July 06, 2007

Perspective on the so-called "achievement" of unmedicated birth

"Natural" childbirth advocates claim that unmedicated childbirth is some sort of "achievement". How can it possibly be an "achievement" if the overwhelming majority of mothers do the same thing each and every day?

It is estimated that there are 130,000,000 births around the world each year. Of those, about 4 million take place in the US and another 4 million occur in the EU. Throw in a couple of million from other first world countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. and you still don't reach 10% of the world's births. Let's assume that the medication rate is about 50%. That would mean that only 5% of the world's births involve medication. So each and every day, 95% of the world's mothers have unmedicated childbirth. If anyone can do it, and virtually everyone does it, how can it possibly be an achievement of any kind?

It's obviously not an achievement, but most "natural" childbirth advocates have no idea. They seem to think that the only part of the world that counts is the white, Western, wealthy minority.

"Natural" childbirth advocates attempt to rationalize their nastiness and judgmentalism by claiming that they "care" about babies. That is just baloney. Around the world year millions of newborns die, millions of mothers die or are permanently injured, and 90+% of women have no access of any kind to pain relief in labor, but "natural" childbirth activists think that what is really important is commenting on the personal decisions of other white, Western, well-educated and well-off women?

Hey, I heard that yatching injuries are on the rise. Perhaps they should complain about that, too.

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