Monday, January 22, 2007

Homebirth Debate reaches 50,000 visits

In a little over 9 months, Homebirth Debate has had 50,000 visits and 5,760 comments. My favorite posts thusfar include:

The need for ancient midwives on the bio-anthropology of childbirth as it existed in nature.
All Natural Cheetos on the marketing of natural childbirth.
"The mother is the factory". Grantly Dick-Read and the origins of the natural childbirth movement.
NICE says homebirth has a higher rate of intrapartum death, a comprehensive review of the homebirth literature.
Offensive, comments by Michel Odent.
Research and special interests in the Johnson and Daviss study on the fact that the Johnson and Daviss study was commissioned by a homebirth advocacy group, funded by another homebirth advocacy group, and conducted by long time passionate homebirth activists.
Why you can't directly compare national neonatal mortality rates. Why attempts to do so only indicate that homebirth advocates don't understand statistics.
"Nothing else in medicine has saved lives on the scale that obstetrics has" on Atul Gawande's article in the New Yorker.
Henci Goer refuses public debate. What does she have to fear?. Professional homebirth advocates never present their claims to medical or scientific peers.
Johnson and Daviss study shows death rate more than double the hospital group. How Johnson and Daviss didn't mention that the hospital neonatal mortality rate in 2000 was much less than the homebirth neonatal mortality rate.

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