Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why don't homebirth advocates insist on answers?

Do homebirth advocates think for themselves? How do they explain the fact that the homebirth death rate in the Johnson and Daviss study is more than 3 times higher than the hospital neonatal death rate for the comparable group?

What I find most surprising is that homebirth advocates don't care that Henci Goer cannot explain the discrepancy between the neonatal death rate of 0.72/1000 for low risk white women at term with singleton pregnancies in 2000, and the homebirth neonatal death rate of 2.7/1000.

Homebirth advocates tend to consider themselves more "educated" than other women, yet it appears that what is involved is simply believing anything another homebirth advocate says.

Henci Goer's response is no explanation at all. If they can't explain it (and I have yet to see anyone offer an explanation that makes sense), why don't they insist that Henci Goer (or some other professional advocate) answer the question with a real explanation? Or is it enough for homebirth advocates that Goer claims that homebirth is safe, even if she can't offer any proof?

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