Saturday, January 05, 2008

Two life threatening situations on MDC

There are currently two life threatening situations being discussed on MDC. I am mentioning them on the off chance that some people read this blog and MDC and can post there.

One situation concerns a woman who is pregnant with an IUD in place and now is showing signs of severe infection (high temp, fainting, etc). For some incomprehensible reason, her midwife is reassuring her and telling her to drink plenty of fluids. It is very important that she understand that pregnancy and infection with an IUD in place is truly life threatening. Any infection complicated by a foreign body tends to be much more severe. The pregnancy is probably already lost. If she continues to delay seeking medical treatment, she may lose her uterus or even her life. She should head to the emergency room immediately.

The second situation is a baby having obvious difficulty breathing (grunting, sounding "wet") more than 24 hours after UC. It is possible that the baby is fine, but it is also possible that the baby is demonstrating early signs of congenital heart disease or a serious illness. The baby should be seen by a pediatrician as soon as possible.

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