Saturday, November 24, 2007

UC death rate on MDC is 19 per 1000!

Evidently the most recent UC disaster on MDC is even worse than initially thought. It now appears that the baby delivered unresponsive at 43+ weeks and transferred to the hospital is suffering from severe anoxic brain damage. It is not clear if he will survive.

This tragedy inspired me to look at the outcomes for UC on MDC over the last year or so. Out of 106 planned UCs, there was a transfer rate of 10% and a C-section rate of 4%. That sounds good until you see the hideous price that has been paid. Two babies died, and at least one is severely brain damaged. The neonatal death rate for UC was 19 per 1000; the more than TWENTY TIMES the expected neonatal death rate!!!

Anyone contemplating UC deserves to know this information. Apparently UC increases the risk of neonatal death more than twenty fold. UC is not a loving choice; it is a life threatening and grossly irresponsible choice.


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