Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby dies when C-section opponent fails to perform a timely C-section

According to an article in today's Dail Mail, Natural birth doctor accused of caesarean baby death blunder:
A leading obstetrician who is a strong advocate of natural births is accused of causing the death of a baby by failing to perform a caesarean section soon enough.

Dr Susan Bewley, who has spoken out against the rise in "unnecessary" caesareans, allegedly delayed carrying out the emergency procedure until it was too late to save the child.

The 49-year-old consultant is due to face a disciplinary hearing at the General Medical Council and could be struck off...

The mother who lost her baby had caesareans to deliver her first two children but Dr Bewley apparently felt she was capable of a normal delivery for her third.

As complications developed during labour, she performed an emergency caesarean. But the infant died soon after the birth.
This case illustrates the difficulties faced by every obstetrician. The effort to avoid these tragic preventable outcomes leads to all those "unnecessary" C-sections.


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