Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thanks for the comment

Thanks to whoever posted the following comment in the Giving Birth With Confidence blog:
I strongly hope you will consider publishing Amy Tuteur's comments (she is on record on her blog saying that Lamaze refuses to publish her). It is important for you to showcase what at least one doctor, however misguided she is, thinks about home birth and why women need more than ever to be empowered to make individualized choices in their health care.
I don't think that the comment will be heeded, however. Either my specific criticisms of the homebirth papers will not be published in the comments for that piece, or they will be published along with some feeble response along the lines of "your mind is closed; we don't need to even attempt to answer you." The author of the above comment demonstrates by her willingness to write the comment that she is sure the homebirth experts will be able to easily rebut my specific criticisms. The real problem for them is that they cannot rebut the specific criticisms about the papers at issue, because they are all true.

Update: The post was published this evening. I received an e-mail explaining that there was some sort of glitch that took place when I submitted it yesterday.

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