Friday, December 29, 2006

A public challenge to Henci Goer

Dear Ms. Goer,

As I have already written (and has you have deleted from your own site), the true spirit of science is the willingness to present, and the ability to defend, your positions publicly. I believe that your public announcement, in advance, that you will deliberately delete scientific criticism, rather than respond to it, is the ultimate confirmation that you cannot defend the positions that you present to lay people. I believe that your unwillingness to defend your positions is the ultimate confirmation that there is no evidence to show that homebirth is as safe as hospital birth. There is also no evidence to support the smear tactics that you use against modern obstetrics and obstetricians.

So I am offering a public challenge to debate and defend your positions and the scientific papers you depend on for those positions. You may not wish to hold it within the context of a support forum on the Lamaze site. In that case, we can hold it here, or you can create a new forum on the Lamaze site, or your personal site, or we can hold it jointly on two sites so there is no chance of one person changing the other persons comments.

You write for lay people who cannot really evaluate the scientific validity of your arguments. If your claims are really true, it should not be difficult to defend them in a debate with me. Indeed, it could only increase respect for your point of view, if you could defend your positions.

I look forward to your response.


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